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Surf baby.via jaglever
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Has everyone seen this very important set???

I was gonna order this next week. Crazy!

Toru and Naoko “Cassia” set

This whole shop is wonderful and everything is custom made at very reasonable prices—that bathing suit!!!!!
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h e a r t
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this weather…. 

What a crazy day it’s been. I know it’s only the 7th day of the month, but clients have been so lame. I appreciate this business so much now that I am in the sales area. It blows my mind that people still want a discount after offering 3,000 off sticker. Do you ask for a discount when you purchase groceries? ugh whatever! I blame wal-mart and their low prices brain washing consumers. lol.

Anyways, school has got me on my toes. Funny thing is I have all these assignments (essays) due and my mind doesn’t create urgency for them. It’s like no matter how much of a time crunch I’m in, Ill get it done. My bullshit skills are not working lately and its frustrating. I have a 20 page paper due tomorrow morning on new developments near the Edwards Aquifer causing environmental issues. So tired of reading and researching. 

If it wasn’t for Anthony keeping my head up, I probably would of pulled a Jessie Spano already. Honestly, it feels like there is not enough time in the day….

Wooo it’s 8p time to head out.

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Daniel Bryan WrestleMania Diary: Day Six